VocabHunter is a system to help learners of foreign languages. Reading is a vital skill if you want to learn a foreign language but students often feel that it would be useful to learn the most important vocab for a book before reading it. VocabHunter enables them to do this.

The system will analyse a document and give an ordered list of the most frequently-occurring words. The user can then quickly hunt through the vocab list, easily marking words as known or unknown to them. To help with any doubts, the user can consult a list of the uses of the word in context, with the word itself highlighted. See the following screenshot to get a flavour of this: Screenshot of VocabHunter in use Once the user has selected the vocab that is new to them, they can then view the words in the user interface or export them to a file. Here you can see the selected vocab being viewed directly in the user interface: Screenshot of VocabHunter showing selected vocab The program runs on Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X and Linux. The system itself is a self-contained Java desktop application. There is no server component to VocabHunter. For download and installation instructions, see the download page.

VocabHunter is available free of charge and is Open Source Software, published under the Apache Licence, Version 2.0.

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Happy vocab hunting and good luck with your language study!