VocabHunter is a system to help learners of foreign languages. See the download page for details on how to download and run the program. You can follow VocabHunter on Twitter at @vocabhunterapp.

The system is Open Source Software, published under the Apache Licence, Version 2.0. You can find the source code on GitHub here.

Adam Carroll is the principal author of VocabHunter.

Technical Articles

Acknowledgements and Thanks

Like all good Open Source projects, VocabHunter builds on the software and work of others. This includes but is not limited to:

  • The user interface of VocabHunter is built with the JavaFX, now developed under the Open Source OpenJFX project.
  • TestFX is used for the automated GUI test. The detailed guide User Interface Testing with TestFX explains how this works.
  • ControlsFX is used for some of the GUI components including the status bar.
  • The Apache Tika project provides the components that make it possible to read a wide variety of document formats. You can learn more about this in the article Read (Almost) Any Document in Java.
  • VocabHunter uses FontAwesomeFX to generate various icons from the Font Awesome set.
  • Dependency Injection is handled with Gluon Ignite and Guice. You can find out all about this in the article Dependency Injection in JavaFX.
  • JUnit is used as the principle testing framework. Migrating to JUnit 5 explains how the VocabHunter project was migrated to the latest verson of JUnit.
  • There is a separate installer for Mac, Linux and Windows, each one tailored to the operating system in question. These installable bundles are self-contained so that the user doesn’t need to have to worry about first installing Java or any other special setup. The article Using the Java Packager with JDK 11 explains how this was achieved.

Finally, some acknowledgements for this website: