New Release

VocabHunter v1.0.17

VocabHunter v1.0.17 is now available. Get your copy from the download page. The main changes in this release are:

  • The status bar now shows a small graph so that you can tell at a glance how far you are through the process of analysing a document. If you hover the mouse pointer over the graph a pop-up tooltip shows you the percentage value. As before, you can get more detailed information in the “Progress Report” tab.

Status Bar Mini Graph

  • On the subject of the status bar, this is a component from the ControlsFX library which has been updated in this release to use v8.40.12.
  • VocabHunter now saves the window size and position when you close the application. The next time you start up VocabHunter, the window will open where you left it previously.
  • Some users of previous versions of VocabHunter on Windows had problems when upgrading to v1.0.16. This was caused by a change in the way that the Jackson library handles Windows paths. This has been fixed in this release.
  • The installable bundle creation is now handled using the javafx-gradle-plugin. This simplifies the build and removes the need to call out to a separate Ant script. The Gradle plugin also includes workarounds to several known problems with the bundlers.
  • The log files used for troubleshooting were far too small. This has been fixed.
  • As usual, a few software libraries used internally by VocabHunter were updated.

User Interface Testing with TestFX

User Interface Testing with TestFX

If you’re interested in automated user interface testing, take a look at the article I wrote while working on this release: User Interface Testing with TestFX.

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