New Santulator Release


Santulator is an Open Source application for running Secret Santa draws for your friends or work colleagues. Get your free copy of v1.2.0 from the Santulator download page.

The main improvements in this new version include:

  • The core Secret Santa draw engine has been optimised so that it runs much faster than before.
  • Draws with large numbers of participants are now supported.
  • The PDF files containing draw results are written to disk more quickly than previously.
  • The Mac installer now includes the Santulator icon (thanks to user “PurpleAir” for the help).
  • A handful of minor bugs were fixed.
  • Important libraries such as ControlsFX and OpenPDF were updated. My thanks to the developers of these Open Source libraries and to those of the many others that Santulator uses.

Santulator in use If you are interested in the technology behind Santulator, have a look at the article I wrote on the subject, Open Source & Secret Santa with Santulator.

Open Source & Secret Santa with Santulator

Santulator is available for free and is Open Source software. All of the source code can be found on GitHub. Santulator is written in Java using JDK 11 and has a JavaFX (OpenJFX 11) user interface. The software is packaged using the Java Packager which in turn uses JLink to build a cut-down JDK with just the modules required to run Santulator. This means you can use the self-contained installer for Mac, Linux or Windows and have everything you need to run the program without the need to install anything else. Santulator uses the version of JDK 11 provided by AdoptOpenJDK.

Download Santulator

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