New Release

VocabHunter v1.0.21

VocabHunter is an Open Source tool designed to help you to learn a foreign language. v1.0.21 of VocabHunter is available now. Get your free copy from the download page.

The main changes in this release are:

  • Filter files are now loaded in the background. Multiple filter files load in parallel. This makes a big difference to the overall performance of the filtering system.
  • Thanks to a new version (v1.15) of Apache Tika, VocabHunter can now read even more document formats. The new version includes an important fix to a problem where formatting information appeared as text for certain books in the ePub electronic book format.
  • How to Use VocabHunter, the user manual has been expanded and improved. Even if you’ve been using VocabHunter for a while, take a look as you might learn something new about the system:

How to Use VocabHunter

  • As usual, a few software libraries used internally by VocabHunter were updated.

VocabHunter v1.0.21 is available now as a free download. The software is all Open Source so if you are technically-minded please feel free to fork the repository on GitHub and experiment.

Read (Almost) Any Document in Java

Read (Almost) Any Document in Java

If you’ve ever wondered how VocabHunter is able to read documents in so many varied formats from Microsoft Word through to PDF and much more, all the answers are in the article Read (Almost) Any Document in Java, published while working on this release.

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